Redesigned Website!

Haven’t posted here in a while because…well…because I haven’t had much to say! LOL

However, for those interested, I’ve completely redesigned and relaunched my website! Take a peek and see what you think!

You’ll have to copy and paste into your browser – I’ve tried to link it several times, but it just keeps linking back to this blog.


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Obligatory End of Year Post

At approximately this time last year, 2009, I sat staring at the clock, hoping beyond hope that 2010 would not be the tragic, heart breaking, horrific suck-fest I’d just spent 12 months enduring.

And it wasn’t.

I’ve come out of 2010 with several things:

1. 38 contracted pieces of writing. Yes, 38. Including m/f, m/m, m/m/m, ftm/m, f/f, werewolf/werecat, vampire, and a heavy bdsm. That would be the *entire spectrum* I was shooting for. Suck on that, unsupportive family members. :-P

2. A diagnosis for my issues – bipolar & SAD. Neither one due to my father, from what my doctors can discern, and neither one needing medication. I’d say “suck on that, dad” but he’s dead.

3. A major show down with my mother, in which I told her to permanently kiss off, and haven’t regretted once since. Suck on that, mom.

4. Two new dogs, one of which is female, and both of which remind me of my dear baby girl Ginger, and who make her not being here much, much easier.

5. A realization of which people are my friends, which are my frenimies, and which just want to fuck me (figuratively and literally). I’ve told the ones in the later category to kiss off. Interesting which ones dropped me and which didn’t, and which ones said they wouldn’t but still did. But at least I know where I stand, which I appreciate more than any false endearments.

6. A shiny new spine, courtesy of Aleks Voinov, which works very well, thanks.

7. A concrete understanding between myself and Hubby that if this marriage is to work (which we both want) there has to be give and take on both sides. He now refers to me as “like living with a pretty dude.” And I’m okay with that.

8. A 20 gauge shotgun. No, seriously. Hubby presented this to me Christmas morning, and proclaimed it my “very first official man gift”. I’d have wept if The Boy hadn’t been here.

9. A writing office that is completely mine, contains nothing of anyone else’s and has a DOOR.

10. And I came out as transgender to my sister, which went well.

11. Last but not least, a shiny new writing assistant named Amanda, who has already proven more valuable than she knows.

That’s 2010 in a nutshell. I have no resolutions for the new year – I believe in changing things when you need to change them, not waiting for some traditional bullshit day.

But I’m watching the clock with a considerably larger amount of hope this time around. :-)


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Another fabulous review for “Finding Sanctuary”

Holy awesome review, Batman!

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“Finding Sanctuary” Reviewed by Amos Lassen

Check it out!

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Finally changed the header!

So, I finally changed my header. Not because I didn’t get around to it, but because my Mac doesn’t like WordPress for some reason. LOL

Anyhow, the above picture is one I took myself at the Sapsucker Woods , a 230-acre wildlife sanctuary in Ithaca, NY.

In addition to this little guy, we saw tons of birds, bugs, chipmunks, squirrels, and even fawns. You can see the rest of my pictures on my Facebook page, and here’s a link to the sanctuary:

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I can haz cover art?

How shiny is *this*??

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Hello world!

::looks around:: Well this is shiny, isn’t it?

I’m new to WordPress, so you’ll have to bear with me while I get this all figured out.

I guess I should start with an introduction? I’m DC Juris, I’m a new author to Fanny Press, and I’m tickled to be here. What can I say about me that you can’t read on my website? Let’s see… I’m short (4’9.5″ to be exact), I hate getting my feet dirty (I wear socks, shoes, or slippers everywhere – ::sigh:: Yes, even the beach!), and I’m curiously allergic to sea salt, but not shellfish. O.o

My first work with Fanny Press is “Finding Sanctuary”. I’d put a blurb here, but The Powers That Be were nice enough to do that for me – just click the tab up there.

Most of you who are already familiar with me know me for writing short stories. “Finding Sanctuary” is a bit of a departure for me, though. It’s the longest work I’ve done so far – just over 40K words, if I remember correctly – and it’s a little less…fluffy than most of my other work.

Like all my work, it’s less about the sex (although, that’s hard to say, considering how much sex is in it!) and more about the personal journey of the characters. Portions of this story are loosely based on real life – there really *is* a BDSM playhouse with an incredibly wonderful owner, tough his name is Drew, not Anton, and he really does run the place similarly.

I really identify with Vincent, the main character. I know what it’s like to feel as though something’s just missing, but have no Earthly idea what it could be, and then to be faced with the answer and be completely freaked out, thinking “HOW could that possibly be the answer?!?!”

On the other side of that coin, I also really identify with Eric, the other main character. Here’s a guy who knows what he wants, knows what he likes, and just wishes for that for everyone. He’s not afraid to embrace “different” things, and he’s not afraid to encourage Vincent to explore the same.

They’re a perfect pair, really.

Well, I guess that’s it for my first post. I’ll try to update weekly (::scowls at those of you who follow my Live Journal and are shaking your head in disbelief right now::) I will update – really!

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